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Recordings with the 48 most important tricks regarding music production, mixing, and mastering all in one course.

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This course is for you if...

You don't know where to start when it comes to creating your own music.

You want to efficiently set up your home studio.

You find yourself caught in another unfinished production.

How to speed up and improve your work without sacrificing quality?

You will learn...

What are the key elements in the sound shaping process?

How to create your first original composition?

How to achieve a professional sound?

How to quickly achieve the desired sound effect?

Tricks in music production

Each of 5 modules covers carefully selected topics, that are the essence of music production knowledge, and mixing and mastering processes. Topping this of are issues on the widely understood music technology, Digital Audio Workstations and the most popular audio tools.

In the additional materials section, which you can access by logging onto an online platform, you’ll find audio examples and session files, which were used and created for the course.

I want to learn tricks!

Sample video fragments

List of lessons

Organization of work

10 lectures

1. How to speed up the start of your work
2. How to make your own presets
3. How to clean up your disc space
4. How to quickly access samples
5. How to quickly access your favourite settings
6. How to lower the DAW’s latency
7. How to optimize your computer for music production
8. How to fully utilize your computer’s processing power
9. How to learn your DAW
10. How to organize your DAW projects and files


10 lectures

11. How to refine the sound of individual tracks
12. How to widen the track’s sound
13. How to tweak a kick drum for club sound systems
14. How to fatten your snare
15. How to make your drums sound more dirty
16. How to make the bass sound wider
17. How to get a lo-fi sound
18. How to side-chain a signal
19. How to tune the drum tracks
20. How to tune the vocal track


22 lectures

21. How to prepare a session for mixing
22. How to create groups and stems
23. How to work with gauges and meters
24. How to work with a spectrum analyzer
25. How to emphasize the kick drum in the mix
26. How to emphasize the bass in the mix
27. How to glue drums with bass
28. How to conciously work with a compressor
29. How to use the compression on vocals
30. How to apply parallel compresion to drums
31. How to work with a multiband compressor
32. How to knowingly work with an equalizer
33. How to apply equalization to vocals
34. How to control vocal sybilants
35. How to add air to a piano track
36. How to add air to a vocal track
37. How to use automation
38. How to use compression on the sum of the mix
39. How to use an equalizer on the sum of the mix
40. How not to overload the sum of the mix
41. How to process the sum of the mix
42. How to widen your mix


3 lectures

43. How to make your recording louder
44. How to work with a limiter
45. How to work in Mid-Side mode


3 lectures

46. How to care for your hearing and sight
47. How to make better purchase decisions
48. How to diversify the melodic theme (bonus)

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Discover a treasure trove of tricks in music production, where innovative techniques and creative approaches unlock endless. By ordering the course, you will receive knowledge that will enable you to professionally execute high-ticket projects in the form of:

  • 48 practical tricks
  • 7 hours of materials video
  • 5 thematic modules
  • 135 audio examples
  • Session files

About me

I’m a music producer, sound designer, beat-maker and instrumentalist. In the past, I had a mobile recording studio and co-owned a music store. As an engineer or co-producer, I took part in dozens of recording sessions. I’ve written several books and released several video courses on music production in my native language. I have an international Logic Pro certificate from Apple. I have completed a course for instructors of practical vocational training. In the past, I lectured at the School of Modern Music in Wroclaw. I also conducted various types of workshops related to music production and audio engineering in cooperation with leading pro-audio distributors and producers in Poland. I’m a member of the Association of Authors ZAiKS and the Association of Authors and Publishers Copyright Poland.

Currently, I focus on creating my own electronic music and designing presets and samples available on this site. Also, I create my own YouTube channel dedicated to synthesizers, studio equipment, tutorials, software and broadly understood electronic music production. I also run my community on Patreon, where I share audio and MIDI content that I use in my daily work as a music producer and synthesizer enthusiast. I also share there tricks and tools that are helpful in creating own music.

Frequently as question (FAQ)

Does it matter what program you use to produce music?

NO! The techniques and tricks I present are universal and can be used in any DAW program.

Is my skill level in music production important?

NO! The course is aimed at beginners and intermediate people who want to develop their skills using professional techniques.

Is access to the course time limited?

NO! You have unlimited access to the course and it will always be available on your account after logging in to the platform.

How do I get access to the video course?

You will be able to watch it on the online platform on your device immediately after completing your order.