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Music Base

I create various types of music, beats, backing tracks, instrumental parts or musical illustrations. I invite you to listen to my music base, which includes my commercial projects and unreleased songs or backing tracks from various periods of my creative work. Enjoy! 🙂



I regularly release my own albums and tracks. Among them you will find many experimental productions that combine my favorite genres, such as chill-out, techno, deep house, lo-fi, ambient or dub techno.

I am currently working on new releases, where I try to express my musical sensitivity using hybrid equipment, i.e. the configuration that works best for me and gives me the most satisfactory results.

Sometimes I dig out some old unreleased tracks where I used sounds for some synthesizer that I miss and don’t have in the studio anymore. I quickly add new layers and elements and a new form is created. Enjoy listening! 🙂

About Me

I’m a music producer, sound designer, beat-maker and instrumentalist. In the past, I had a mobile recording studio and co-owned a music store. As an engineer or co-producer, I took part in dozens of recording sessions. I’ve written several books and released several video courses on music production in my native language. I have an international Logic Pro certificate from Apple. I have completed a course for instructors of practical vocational training. In the past, I lectured at the School of Modern Music in Wroclaw. I also conducted various types of workshops related to music production and audio engineering in cooperation with leading pro-audio distributors and producers in Poland. I’m a member of the Association of Authors ZAiKS and the Association of Authors and Publishers Copyright Poland.

Currently, I focus on creating my own electronic music and designing presets and samples available on this site. Also, I create my own YouTube channel dedicated to synthesizers, studio equipment, tutorials, software and broadly understood electronic music production. I also run my community on Patreon, where I share audio and MIDI content that I use in my daily work as a music producer and synthesizer enthusiast. I also share there tricks and tools that are helpful in creating own music.

Privately, I’m a happy father and husband. I enjoy traveling and cooking. In my free time I like to play sports, ride a motorcycle and read books.


Become my Patreon!

Do you like my work? Then I’ve got some good news for you – on my Patreon, I share audio and MIDI content that I use in my daily creative work. There you will find e.g. original DAW project files in which I prepare my sample packs and tutorials or tricks recorded on my YouTube channel. Thanks to this, you will have access to content not published anywhere else. In addition, you will find there non-sale presets that I use in my productions or synthesizer test recordings. The complement are my private DAW templates for music production, mixing or mastering. I am constantly trying to develop this area of ​​activity, so expect even more inspiring and useful sounds and tools there. I cordially encourage you to join my community. Hope to see you! 🙂